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  1. Got home from work last week and had a small window to get out before picking the kids up from school so I went. Instead of hooking up the boat and running and gunning for birds I wanted to get back on the SUP. So I loaded the board, cooler, fly and spin rods and headed out to see what was lurking in the shallows close to home. The fall is prime time to fish the shallows with the fly rod as the big girls can be found in a foot of water. Well, they're not there, yet. But what was there was a great grade of WP. I had a steady pick of 10-12.5" perch, perfect for a fish fry. And then, it happened. I hooked into something with significantly more pull. At first I thought a channel cat. As fought and pulled me on the SUP I got it near the surface. At first look I thought it was a world record perch. Then as I got it up it became clear, it was way cooler than a perch. I had caught my first Red in the Chester. So sweet. I'm normally quiet on the water but this elicited a scream! I've chased redfish for 15years on the fly to no avail, but in 1 week I caught two. I need a new unicorn. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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    Awesome. A red on the Chester. What kind of board do you have? I was looking at the Kaku kahuna.

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