Wanted to buy Parker 23SE

Discussion in 'Boats and Other Watercraft' started by Fiskerprice, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Fiskerprice

    Fiskerprice Angler

    I am in the market for a Parker 23SE. I want T-Tops and a trailer. Looking to stay under $35k. I am in Delaware so like to stay in the Northeast. Thanks. gpettinaro@pettinaro.com
  2. marclom

    marclom Angler

    Try to check out craigslist and boattrader also.
  3. Travis Long

    Travis Long Angler

    your budget is low unless you are talking a older one.
  4. LineSider

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  5. Shoreboy6

    Shoreboy6 Angler

    There is one listed on Anglers Edge Marine for 35K. 2000 hull with 2014 power

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