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Discussion in 'Chesapeake Bay' started by 240 LTS, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Jerry Norris

    Jerry Norris Angler

    I have no idea.

    When I uploaded it to youtube, the picture quality was very poor. I think what may have happened was I filmed it at 1080/60 frames/sec but when I opened it with Power Director, it said it was not compatible and converted it to 30 frames per second. I hate to have to go through editing over 15 minutes of video again, but I am going to go back and do it at the 1080/60-argh!
  2. 240 LTS

    240 LTS Angler

    A lot of people film and never upload or edit because it can take quite a bit of time, depending how detailed you want to get.
    Screw it up and it can be frustrating to the point of saying the hell with it.

  3. Jack frost

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    Just bought a hero 3+ great read here. What is the consensus on a good film editor program to use? Just starting out it would need to be easy enough to figure out and compatable with go pro i guess.
  4. 240 LTS

    240 LTS Angler

    I just use Windows Live Movie Maker on my PC.
    Pretty self explanatory with a little learning curve.
    I do not look to do anything more than it provides.

    Are you using Windows or a Mac?

    Remember, 720P is plenty enough clarity for viewing on computer screens where 99% of people watch them.
    More than 720P can be time consuming to upload.


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  5. 240 LTS

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    Susquehanna River to the Flats.
    Here is a clip running from the train bridge to, then through, some ditches in the early morning.
    Ditches on the Flats can run for several hundred yards then suddenly just end.
    Crossing from one to another you can be in some shallow water, 2'+/- depending on tide stage.
    Always concerned about that log that may have floated in there you are unaware of so it can be a gamble.
    The video has nothing really exciting but it's a nice morning ride.
    Climb aboard, go to FULL screen, 720pHD, turn your hat backwards, and enjoy the view.

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  6. Jack frost

    Jack frost Angler

    Two questions, does anyone have or know of a free program that will change pictures and videos not taken with gopro to a format gopro studio will actually import? Also how are some of you using you movie maker to edit gopro video?
  7. 240 LTS

    240 LTS Angler

    1. I have not used GoPro Studio but found this.
    How to Edit Non-Gopro Footage in GoPro Studio

    2. Upload to Movie Maker and experiment with the different functions. Typically I start by editing all the stuff I know I will not be using and go from there.
    If you are going to use music, it is good to have something in mind close in time length of the video then edit the the video to fit the music.


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