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Discussion in 'Chesapeake Bay' started by 240 LTS, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Luv2fishCB

    Luv2fishCB Angler

    I started out using a PC but switched to a Mac-mini running Apple OSX. I use the built in iMovie program and it seems to work much faster than my old windows box. I had an older windows computer running Vista so that might be part of the issue but Macs were designed with video editing in mind. The nice thing about a Mac-mini is they only cost about $600 and I can use my existing keyboard, monitor and mouse. Nice upgrade for that much money.

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  2. Fin&Fowl72

    Fin&Fowl72 Angler

    Ok guys... I'm hooked on taking the video camera fishing now. Hijacked the neighbor kids GoPRo Hero 3+ over weekend and had a blast filming while fishing Sunday and Monday. @mwissel was with me as well as my father. So, I had a nice one on and while trying to figure out how to start recording, I lost the fish. Wissel was no help in offering to record for me, he just kept jigging. and of course I got a few of his catches on video. Then! I finally have a catch and release to film for derby entry and freakin hit wrong buttons on GoPRO and it only took a pic. No fish, Ugh!

    So, anyway... Now I'm tryin to load the video into the GoPRO studio for editing but it says files are corrupt but they play on my laptop thru Qcktime. In reading online, is the video quality of mp4 to high? What resolution/size setting are you guys running video for use on here, facebook, and youtube? Am I better off finding a used Hero2 or just go with 3+ and turn down quality? What's the preferred editor to do the slow motion and other effects in editing?

    Thanks. I'll have a derby entry soon!
  3. TechnicalFisher

    TechnicalFisher TechFish Staff Staff Member

    Rick- you shouldn't be having problems importing MP4 video from that Hero 3 into GoPro Studio. Have you checked out this list below of potential problems/solutions from GoPro? When it comes to editing, are you on Mac or Windows? For Mac, FCPX is the best, but expensive. IMovie has a lot of features at a much lower entry cost.

    Looking forward to seeing your submissions!

    Video Fails to Import into GoPro Studio
    This article explains why your video file might not be importing properly into GoPro Studio.

    1. Make sure that you are not trying to import the footage directly from an SD card. First copy the files to a folder on your computer.
    2. Next, make sure that there are no non-English characters in the name of the the file being imported, or the folder path where the file is saved.
    3. Do not rename the file(s) prior to importing into GoPro Studio.
    4. Make sure that you are trying to import the file into the correct "Room". GoPro Studio will not allow you to import the wrong file type into the wrong Room.
      • All files, including MP4 files generated by GoPro cameras, should only be imported into the Step 1: Import Room.
      • Files which have already been converted into GoPro Cineform AVI or MOV files, should only be imported into the Step 2: Edit Room.
    1. If you have confirmed that you are trying to import your files into the correct room, try playing the files with QuickTime Player or Windows Media Player to confirm that the files are not damaged.
    2. If your MP4 files still don’t import into the Step 1: IMPORT Room, make sure that they were not processed through some other application or import method, like iPhoto or iMovie. Files processed through iPhoto or iMovie are modified by those applications to the point where GoPro Studio doesn’t recognize them as GoPro camera footage. In this case copy the files directly from the SD card to your computer and then import into GoPro Studio.
    3. If your files are stored on an external drive, try copying your files to an internal drive and then import into Studio.
    4. Try creating a new project and then import.
  4. Shawn Kimbro

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    I know exactly how you feel. With a little practice, you get more familiar with the GoPro buttons but I still think it's a messy process. In my opinion, there should be one button with which you turn it on to record and off to stop. I can't tell you how many times I've held down the power button too long and it jumped from video to single frame and I lost what would've been a good recording. I use GoPro, but I'm not much of a fan until they make some interface improvements.

    I also know how you feel on the issue of friends who would rather keep jigging!
  5. TechnicalFisher

    TechnicalFisher TechFish Staff Staff Member

    The Hero 3+ with WiFi is the answer to those problems- it allows you to control the camera with your phone and see what it sees in real-time. The camera is a whole different animal with that setup and, even though it means you have to have your phone with you and deal with more equipment, I swear by it. I've had too many shots lost not knowing whether the camera was recording or not have the angle of the shot right. Not any more.
  6. Fin&Fowl72

    Fin&Fowl72 Angler

    Well, thanks for the help and using Windows Movie Maker, got my first GoPro video created just unfortunately
    no fish to share yet. Mike and I and then My father and I struggle this past weekend to catch much.
    Fun stuff taking a GoPro with ya, looking forward to actually getting some fish action on it soon but the video
    I took from the weekend came out kinda cool.
  7. 240 LTS

    240 LTS Angler

    F&F, do you have a link to share it? Either Vimeo, youtube, photobucket, etc...
    Fish are not required.

    240 LTS
  8. Fin&Fowl72

    Fin&Fowl72 Angler

    Ok but excuse the two days of not getting a recordable fish!

  9. Luv2fishCB

    Luv2fishCB Angler

    I found that setting my GoPro Hero 3 to "one button start" and having the beep turned on really made it a lot easier. I keep the GoPro mounted on the rod holders. I use the phone option to make sure where it is pointed and if the setting (wide or narrow) is best for that situation. From there I just turn off the wireless (and the phone) and when there is action I just hit one button on the camera and it automatically turns the camera on and starts recording video. You hear an audible beep when it starts and can see the light flashing in the front to confirm it. Much faster and easier than waiting for the phone/camera connection. I also keep a second small cheap recorder in my pocket for taking secondary shots. My biggest problem is catching the fish, not starting the video. :(

    I use this approach when videoing deer hunting. I've had much better luck hunting than fishing.

  10. 240 LTS

    240 LTS Angler

    F&F, enjoyed the video and music!!

    L2FCB, I have the older GP so once a fish is hooked, turning the camera on isn't an issue just using the camera itself.

  11. Shawn Kimbro

    Shawn Kimbro TechFish Pro Supporting Hooked Up!

    Thanks for this. I think I saw this in the instructions, but I forgot about it.
  12. 240 LTS

    240 LTS Angler

    Took Nick out last week and shot this with my Droid.
    Typically I use the GoPros but this was the most handy for a short clip.
    After uploading to youtube, I did the editing on youtube Video Manager.
    Never did much with that before so I thought I would try a few things.
    No BIG fish that day but some some pullage from 20-25' +/-
    Try 1080 in FULL screen.

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  13. Jeff Ragovin

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  14. 240 LTS

    240 LTS Angler

    Gotta make that trip next one of these years.

  15. 240 LTS

    240 LTS Angler

  16. Megalodon

    Megalodon Guest

    In case anyone does go out and buy a GoPro, I put together a playlist of some GoPro tips and tricks that are fishing content-related (how to keep camera waterproof but still get good audio, how to mount the GoPro to your boat/kayak, how to get all day battery life ,etc). Let me know if you've stumbled upon a good video and I'll add it to the list!
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  17. 240 LTS

    240 LTS Angler

    Look forward to going through them.

  18. Jerry Norris

    Jerry Norris Angler

    I've been intending to post this for the past week or so, but never got around to it. Both Costco and BJ's have the Hero 3+ silver with two batteries and what they call a charger, which is just a dual battery holder charged off of your computer or other USB power source, for $249.99. BJ's also has a 64 Gig class 10 micros SD card for $29.95.
  19. Jerry Norris

    Jerry Norris Angler

    Anybody out there using "Power Director" for editing? I edited a long clip, saved it and then tried to upload it on the catch an release contest thread by clicking "UPLOAD A FILE." When I do that, all I can find are the GoPro stills but no videos. Any suggestions as to what I did wrong? Also, I tried to upload it as a "REPLY" to the thread. It that the correct way to do it?
  20. 240 LTS

    240 LTS Angler

    Doesn't it have to be uploaded to youtube or Viemo first, then that link to where you want it?


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