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Discussion in 'Chesapeake Bay' started by 240 LTS, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. 240 LTS

    240 LTS Angler

    From other mixed threads, looks like there will be more and more people doing some filming this year as along with the photographs.
    I thought a thread where everyone can post their Q+A and revisit to gather information to help lessen the learning curve on whatever camera and editing software you choose to use would be helpful.

    The Technical Fisherman videos are very well edited and I always look forward to them, hoping to pick up some ideas.

    I still keep it simple and have only used Windows Movie Maker for all mine so far but have checked some others if I need to get more "technical".
    Here is a small example of adding text and music with WMM.
    No editing on the actual filming on this one.
    Filmed using an extendable painters pole with a GoPro bike handlebar clamp mount.

    240 LTS
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  2. Roger T

    Roger T Angler

    Jeff,timely thread.I posted on Jeff's thread about editing videos and he also recommends Windows Movie Maker for editing videos, think I may just go with that unless someone can recommend something better.
    I'm not much of a computer guy so a program that's fairly easy is a plus for me,really looking forward to this.If anyone else has any info to pass on that would be great.
    Jeff,I enjoy your vids..good stuff!
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  3. TechnicalFisher

    TechnicalFisher TechFish Staff Staff Member

    Great thread topic, thanks for starting it up @240 LTS. Glad you like our vids and nice work as well! Yes, with the cameras that are available to everyone these days, with a very small amount of editing and some background music really great looking videos are in everyones reach nowadays.

    Putting this up as a sticky.
  4. TechnicalFisher

    TechnicalFisher TechFish Staff Staff Member

    Roger- take a look at the YouTube editor too. Looks pretty user-friendly.

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  5. 240 LTS

    240 LTS Angler

    The last few videos I have done I have used youtube editor to find music to fit the video.
    Not may choices (that I liked) when doing it that way even though you can search for music to fit the edited timeline.

    Keep this in mind, it is easier to already have the music picked out (or at least a rough length of time you want music) and then edit the footage to fit that time line.
    Like getting a hair cut, it is easier to trim a little at a time than to take too much (footage) out then want to put a little back in.
    Do a rough edit deleting everything you for sure do not want and see what "time" you have left. Then look for some music.
    If the music is a little longer then the edited footage, fade in and out of some screen captures or still photos.
    They can be added in different parts of the film at any length of time you want to "fill up time", i.e. lengthen the film to fit the music.
    If the music is longer than the video but it is close in time, at the beginning or end of the footage (or both) to avoid the music from coming to an abrupt end when the video is over, add some credits, time of year, still photos of the baits, tackle used, photos of the boat, etc...
    You may choose to use no music at all or for only a short piece.

    With the limitless possibilities when editing, it can be frustrating during the learning process. With every edit you do, more ideas will come to mind.

    Looking forward to all of them this year.

    240 LTS
  6. done workin

    done workin Angler

    Here's one.

    If you are not using the video for profit, is it acceptable to use published music by an artist without their permission.

    For example, Shawn uses alot of Mountain Soul in his videos ( Which by the way is really good), but if I wanted to use say Jimmy Buffet, am I allowed to.

    I am pretty sure the answer is no but thought I'd get the feedback here

  7. 240 LTS

    240 LTS Angler

    I've used the Beatles and Jimmy Buffett for background on slide shows and received a notice on one of them. Not sure which one but nothing happened that I remember.
    If you do use one, it could be allowed with the caveat if there is a complaint, it has to be (or will be) taken down.
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  8. Shawn Kimbro

    Shawn Kimbro TechFish Pro Supporting Hooked Up!

    I don't think it's cool to use anyone's music without their permission. YouTube handles this by adding ads, etc., then they pay participating artists based on the clicks on the ads. Unfortunately, artists can't see much of that unless they are mainstream with a big record label. If you use someone's music and host the video yourself (not on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) you could be liable for royalties to the artist. That's unlikely unless something goes viral. (Yeah, you get 5 million hits when you catch a 120 pound carp on a pink Barbie rod set to Darius Rucker's version of Wagon Wheel, he's probably gonna come after you.) Best bet, find something you like and email the artist to get permission. They'll probably say yes as long as you credit them. My favorite videos have music I haven't heard before that is performed by lesser known artists. The music world is just like the fishing world, regular guys who will probably appreciate it when you showcase their work. (You'll be amazed at how many musicians like fishing.) Extra bonus if it's a local band or musician from near the place where you are fishing. Some artists put their stuff in "public domain" so they want you to use it. The stock stuff you see available in the video editing programs is an example. Older songs can also be in public domain. Nothing wrong with using it and some of it is pretty good. If you want to use something mainstream commercial, you're probably better off just adding it to your videos and putting up with the ads on a major hosting service like YouTube. People are getting a lot more tolerant of ads in videos.
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  9. done workin

    done workin Angler


    Is there a way to tell if music has been put in "public domain" aside from that which may already be included in certain software.

    Maybe I misunderstood, but are you saying that if someone posts a video on, say Youtube, versus a private blog, then they really don't need prior approval from the artist because of the ads that are added?

    FULLY understanding it is always better to seek permission.

    Was doing some reading and found a website called Alot of info but really seems best to either get permission or use what music is already out there

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  10. Shawn Kimbro

    Shawn Kimbro TechFish Pro Supporting Hooked Up!

    In order for music to be Public Domain, the copyright must have expired or it's been made available for public use by the artist. It gets complicated because copyright laws have changed over the years. Here's a link:

    Today, any music, art, writing, etc. is considered to be in copyright the second it becomes public. In other words, if I took your question above and transferred it to my website verbatim, I just violated your copyright that you own for the rest of your life plus 70 years. Same thing with music. From a strictly legal standpoint, you can't use anyone's art without their permission. Most people don't know that so a lot of songs get added to videos, etc. The courts have stepped in and held hosting services liable for the actions of their users. In order to prevent lawsuits, companies like YouTube have made arrangements with certain publishing companies and copyright holders to compensate them for music that appears on their sites. Usually, the deal includes some kind of commercial sponsorship arrangement. For example, a publishing company might agree to the use of their entire portfolio, but YouTube has to put an ad on it and pay them proceeds from the ad.

    Unfortunately, the arrangements vary depending on the publishing companies and copyright holders and vary even more from one country to the next. It's impossible for users to keep up. Remember, the law is don't do it, but people do and as long as there is compensation for use, no harm no foul. This isn't advice to go for it and see what happens, but in reality, that's how it's done.
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  11. 240 LTS

    240 LTS Angler

    Here are some ways others have sought and obtained permission.
    Search youtube as well as the web for more info.

  12. Wild Bill

    Wild Bill Angler

    Is there and easy way to post a short clip from an iPhone without going into special software?
  13. TechnicalFisher

    TechnicalFisher TechFish Staff Staff Member

    The iPhone's 'Photos' app enables you to upload videos directly to a youtube account. You can then embed the youtube link in a post.
  14. Wild Bill

    Wild Bill Angler

    OK, thanks Chris.
  15. Shawn Kimbro

    Shawn Kimbro TechFish Pro Supporting Hooked Up!

    What is your typical battery life for a GoPro Hero2? I have the BacPac, but even then but it's rare that I get more than 2.5 hours. Wondering if it's time to replace batteries?
  16. Billy R

    Billy R Angler

    I would say on a normal battery I will get on average about 3 - 4 hours on mine. I just recently bought two additional batteries for my Hero2 off ebay for $20 and it also came with a wall charger. So far the batteries I got off ebay work just as well as the one that came with my Hero2. It is nice having the insurance of extra batteries with you when fishing. You can be sure as soon as your camera dies something wild typically happens.
  17. TechnicalFisher

    TechnicalFisher TechFish Staff Staff Member

    Shawn- depending on what speed you are shooting, a little under or over 3hrs is about as good as I've ever done. That's of continuous shooting, not just use. Usually when I'm turing it on/off through the day while shooting, I can make one battery last for the day. But when you set it and forget it, it'll run through the juice pretty quick. I usually keep at 2-3 extras on hand and charged when I'm shooting just in case.
  18. Frank Bonanno

    Frank Bonanno Contributing Angler Supporting TechFish!

    I wonder for you guys running it on the boat on a stand if you can hard wire a the charger or the camera on the boat.
  19. TechnicalFisher

    TechnicalFisher TechFish Staff Staff Member

    Frank- yeah, there are some products out there to do that. Here's an example:
    I tend to prefer just monitoring the batteries and carrying a bunch of extras as I'm moving the GoPro a lot, running it on a pole and putting it the water. But for a fixed setup, something like the Long Shot would give you a constant power source.
  20. 240 LTS

    240 LTS Angler

    Frank, I also only use the batteries that came with the camera.
    You can see them mounted in the photo. The one on the extendable painters pole I set to record upside down. It is on a RAM mount for versatility. I will set it at a right angle to the pole, let it hang under the pole to be a little steadier and close to the waters surface or in the water. Not having anything wired lets you move it about quick and easy. The one on the rail pretty much stays there. It gets turned on and off as needed. Short segments of video are easier to manage when uploading to the PC.
    To turn the camera on and just let it run and run if there is not a lot of action would end up with a lot of "Dead footage" (unusable) IMHO.

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