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  1. TechFishMOD1

    TechFishMOD1 TechFish Staff

    We will be using this sticky to provide information and tips on features of our forums to help ensure that folks get the most out of them. If you have any questions about a feature we discuss, feel free to send us a message and we'll help you out.
  2. TechFishMOD1

    TechFishMOD1 TechFish Staff

    How Do I "Like" a Post???

    As some of you may have noticed, we have included a feature here made popular on Facebook, allowing a user to "Like" a post. It's a fun, interactive addition to the forum and also allows users to express gratitude for a post without having to write a response.

    To use this feature, just look in the lower-right corner of any post for the word "like." Click it and your are done! We've used a tasty recipe from member @Dave Sikorski to demonstrate where to find it:

  3. TechFishMOD1

    TechFishMOD1 TechFish Staff

    How Do I Post Inline Images????

    One of the things we hope folks will enjoy most about our forum is the ease with which images can be added to post and the fact that, when included inline, they really pop and display well. For anyone who has struggled with getting inline images up, here's how it's done.

    1) Upload a File- As you type your post or reply, you will see a button to the lower left of the text box that allows you to "Upload a File." Click it and select the file(s) that you want to upload. You can select multiple files at once...

    Inline Image 1.png

    2) Once you have uploaded a file, you will see your list of attachments. Place your cursor in the position in your post that you want to put the image and then click the "Full Image" button next to the image you want to place...

    Inline Image 2.png

    Voila- you have inline images in your post. Now go take some good fish pics and get them posted!
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  4. TechFishMOD1

    TechFishMOD1 TechFish Staff

    How Do I Add/Change My Avatar??

    If you have been itching to add a sweet selfie or monster fish pic as your Avatar, but have been having trouble doing so, here is a step-by-step guide to getting it done.

    1) Roll your cursor over your user name in the upper-right corner to bring up your user dialog box.

    Avatar Tip1.png

    2) Click on "Personal Details."

    Avatar Tip2.png

    3) Click on the image to upload an Avatar.

    Avatar Tip 3.png

    4) Select your file and upload it and you are good to go!
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