Fishing Report The Cobia Hunt- still in the skunk

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    Sometimes it is all about the experience of trying something new.....even when success has not happened.

    Attempt 1- Cobia: 4 fisherman: 0

    For me, I have been wanting to land a keeper cobia in a kayak since last summer. I had my chances last summer and did land a small 22 incher while flounder fishing. Despite the Navy's schedule has given me less time outside of work, I try to get out there as much as possible.

    Last Saturday I decided to yak out from the oceanfront of Sandbridge, VA. This is a more quiet resort town in comparison to the party atmosphere of Virginia Beach. I got reports from tackle shops that some cobia were still on their migration into the bay. I figured I might be able to bump into one while cruising along the oceanfront. Luckily for me, I had that Saturday off and the weather lined up. Armed with 5 live eels, 1 bucktail rod, and a bluefish rod- for catching entertainment while I troll along, I launched my Hobie Revolution into the surf and pedaled south. I did see a sea turtle surface, but never got visual of where it was on the horizon. I heard that cobia often hang out under turtle, rays, and apparently kayaks(I learned this later). There were plenty of boats with cobia towers cruising along as well.

    In the far distance I saw one boat take a fast turn. About a minute later, I could see the rod bend in the distance. They hooked up! Another boat near me takes a hard turn. It turns out a cobia was about 50 yards away from my yak, but I couldn't get visual due to my low profile. It refused their bucktails. Seeing that I had a live eel rigged up, these guys were nice enough to guide me towards the fish. I took 3 casts and this stubborn brown thing would not open her mouth. On the last cast, she swims right behind my kayak and followed it for about 15 seconds before going down. I had the eel dangling about a foot in front of her face! She swam by my metal ruler which maxes out at 48 inches. Without doubt, she was a 50 inch+. I believe it was a female because of how wide the body was.

    I ended up covering about 8 miles and hooked 3 bluefish and 1 Spanish mackerel on the got-cha plug while drifting and jigging.

    Attempt 2
    Cobia:0 Fisherman:0

    I got an early day off work. It does happen in a blue moon. I decided to go chumming near Buckroe Beach. A few days ago, 5 cobia were decked from that short pier. It is a traditional hotspot. I got 4 eels and 9 pounds of chum for my short 3 hour outing. I took my Ocean Kayak Trident 13' instead of the Hobie since I only needed to paddle like a quarter mile offshore and anchor. After I set up 2 eels- one on top, one on the bottom, I started bottom fishing with my light rod for croaker(more live bait). I average a croaker bite once every 2 to 3 minutes. Sometimes when I didn't pay attention and had the rod in the holder, I had doubles. These croaker are average at a mere 8 inches. VA does not have minimum size on them. However, I see no value for them as food until they get bigger. I had 1 good run on the eel. For 30 seconds, I was excited. Then, the thing surfaced and turned out to be a nice clearnose skate........ at least I got the adrenaline rush.

    I finished with 2 more rays- all released, and 4 keeper roundhead/sea mullet/whiting/whatever you want to call these tasty bottom panfish. I gave the 4 rounds to an elder couple who were about to fish on the pier and headed home.

    Maybe next time!

    On the side note, if anyone wants to do a cobia sightcasting charter in the VA Beach or Outer Banks area, I am more than happy to chip into a group. They rarely offer walk-ons because most charters are well booked and I am always just one person.
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    Keep at it man! It'll happen eventually.
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    Good read. I am 0-fer on cobia myself. Next time you will hook a 50 incher and get taken for a ride.

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