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    In an effort to help keep these forums focused on Recreational Fishing, with an emphasis on techniques, rigging, tackle, reports and other substantive topics, and maintain a positive and friendly atmosphere for all members, the following are the Hooked Up forum guidelines:

    1) Posts: We believe in a "do unto others as you would have done to you" approach to posting. Therefore, name-calling, insults, threats or any mean-spirited posts are unwelcome here. This is a very simple guideline to follow and we intend to exercise a zero-tolerance policy in enforcing it.

    2) Reports: Frequent reports from all anglers are the lifeblood of any great fishing forum. To that end, we encourage all members to post reports and want to create an atmosphere where members can do so without fear that they will be criticized for what they did/did not include. To that end, see Guideline #1 above on the types of replies that will not be welcome in response to reports.

    3) Spot-Specificity: In the internet age- word travels fast, as do crowds. We are also firm believers that, in the quest to become better anglers, patterns are much more important than GPS coordinates. Therefore, we ask that folks use good judgment as to spot-specificity in reporting. We understand that there are times- like when reports come from jigging the Bay Bridge- when some level of specificity is inevitable. However, in other cases, when fishing perhaps less heavily-fished locations or structure, including details like general vicinity, depth and tide can help get the message across and provide a very helpful report while requiring anglers to still "do the work" in terms of learning how to fish areas and identify locations. If you have any question about how specific to be, please feel free to message @HookedUpMod1 or @HookedUpMod2 and we are happy to help.

    4) Conservation/Policy: We believe that conservation and sound fisheries management policies are fundamental to the future of our treasured resources. However, we don't think that these policies are well-served through bickering on internet message boards. We also have seen conservation discussions lead to a lot of violations of guideline #1 and create unnecessary animosity between members on other forums.

    In an effort to remedy this issue, we have created a conservation forum. We ask that, if members wish to engage in conservation discussions, they do so only on this forum. Conservation issues will be also presented on Hooked Up in the form of alerts, stickies and features on the front page discussing important conservation topics and initiatives and how to get involved. Anyone who has a conservation news item, event or announcement to share is welcomed to message @HookedUpMod1 or @HookedUpMod2 and we are happy to spread the word.

    So that there is no misunderstanding, this is a private forum and membership in it exists at the discretion of the forum owners. Folks who violate these guidelines will be warned only once and, after fair warning, removed. We also reserve the right to remove any users without warning for particularly egregious conduct, and to remove any threads/posts that violate these guidelines or that we, in our sole discretion, believe are outside of the spirit of the forums.

    There are many forums out there, some of which tolerate a wide range of conduct. For those who want to engage in bickering, sniping, name-calling or any other type of mean-spirited discourse, we welcome you to post on these other websites. For those who wish to put aside the B.S. and focus on the sport that we all love, then welcome to the board and we look forward to your participation.
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