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    As we head into the depths of winter around here I thought it would be fun to get a travel thread going. Share your fishing vacation pics here- whether they are current or from vacations past, as long as they involve some nice warm weather, throw me up and help us fend off the freeze and pass the time till spring. I'll start it off with some tropical bones from the Bahamas from 2016...


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  2. Sean Hickey

    Sean Hickey Angler

    Here's a pair of Permit from Biscayne Bay. Nov 2015

  3. J.A. Veil

    J.A. Veil Angler

    Here is an interesting fishing trip in Scotland in June 2013. It was not a catching trip but was lots of fun. The report I wrote up at the time is shown below. I am returning to Glasgow this June and hope to try Scotland fishing again.

    I had several days of business meetings in Scotland. They ended on Thurs, leaving me two extra days to visit with my friend Ming and his family in Glasgow. Today we went fishing. Ming has no experience with fishing, but his friend Adam fishes often. Adam came with us and let us use his rods and tackle. Ming's boss, Mark, came along with us too. Our crew was definitely an international blend. Ming is originally from China, Adam is recently emigrated from Poland, and Mark is a transplanted Englishman. All of them work in Glasgow. I rounded out the crew with my American credentials.

    009.JPG 011.JPG


    We drove 45 mins north of Glasgow to Loch Venachar, a small scenic lake known for its pike (larger cousin of the Chesapeake pickerel).

    010.JPG 022.JPG

    We got a late start and found just one boat left at the rental shop. I was rather surprised to see a well-worn fiberglass skiff of about 18' powered by just a 4-hp motor. With four of us aboard the boat probably never got above 5 mph.


    We spent the next 4 hours casting jigheads with 3" minnows or grubs but had no bites among us all day. The only fish we saw get caught were by an osprey and a heron. Despite the slow bite today, it was great fun fishing in another country. I have never before seen lambs running down to the water's edge to drink beside their mother while I was fishing.
  4. Peltz

    Peltz TechFish Staff Staff Member

    That is a heavy boat for a little 4 hp outboard. I've seen pictures of huge European pike. I don't know if those rods could handle a big one.
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  5. J.A. Veil

    J.A. Veil Angler

    I previously wrote about a fishing trip in Scotland four years ago. I arrived back in Scotland yesterday and had the chance to do some saltwater fishing this time. Here is a fishing report from today.

    Yesterday I flew to Glasgow, Scotland to stay with my friend Ming. He arranged that three of his coworkers and I would fish on a boat out of Dunbar (east of Edinburgh). We drove 1.5 hours through a light rain to get to Dunbar. As soon as we pulled in the parking lot, the rain began falling harder. It was low tide with the water level many feet down a slippery stairway to get to the boat. I had anticipated a boat with some creature comforts included a large cabin with seating. This was not the case. The old metal fishing boat “Fisher Lassie” has seen many years of service and is a no frills vessel.


    We motored out the narrow scenic harbor entrance into the waters of the North Sea near the mouth of the Firth of Forth.

    We rode only a few miles south of the harbor. The captain passed out heavy spinning rods and reels with what I would call Sabiki rigs. They are not legal in Maryland water because of the multiple hooks, but here we used up to 5 hooks. We began with no bait – just hooks with some hair tied on. Before I got my line in the water Ming and another guy John already had caught Atlantic mackerel. It took me a while to get my first mackerel, but I did get two at once.


    We cut up some of the mackerel to use as bait on the hooks. Soon after that I got my first cod.


    Some of the other guys caught a larger fish called a ling. The photo on the left shows Mark with the largest ling of the day. I managed only one small ling, but it was still a new species for me.


    By noon the rain had stopped, but the swells built. We took water through the scuppers onto the deck several times. We headed in about 1:00 after the catching died off and two of our group were feeling a bit seasick (fortunately not me). We tied up at the dock – the tidal range here is huge making our climb to the dock considerably shorter than before. Some of the guys were cleaning fish at the dock. Two resident seals showed up alongside the boat and received a bunch of morsels.

    027.JPG 030.JPG

    Although I did not catch many fish, I had a wonderful time and added three new species to my life list.

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  6. Jonesy20

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    Great story, most don't think about a fishing trip in the old country.

  7. Peltz

    Peltz TechFish Staff Staff Member

    Cool report. Scotland would never occur to me as a place to fish, especially salt water. Cute seal. Thanks for sharing.
  8. FlyFitz

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  9. Kevin7mmstw

    Kevin7mmstw Angler

    Flyfitz, fly rod or not, that is some sweet vacation fishing.
  10. FlyFitz

    FlyFitz Angler

    I have to admit, it was awesome. Had my wife with me on the boat, which made it even better. Bucket list trip for sure!

    Love all the Scotland and Bahamas pics, BTW!

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  11. Josh K

    Josh K Angler

    My brother Jeremy and I had nice week sight casting to Cobia in North Carolina a few weeks ago. We fished out of Hatteras ( teachers liar marina) and Oregon Inlet. The main deal is you need warm water and bright sunny skies. When the weather cooperates we look for tide lines /temperature breaks, sea turtles, rays and bait balls to cast around. While we certainly harvested a few fish we left the lion's share go to continue on their migration. Despite what some say these fish are the perfect quarry for catch and release due to their brute strength, ability to be caught on topwater, unpredictable fighting style and resilience upon release. Looking forward to next year already ;)

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  12. FlyFitz

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    Those fish are slobs! Nice work! Used to do the same thing in NE FL in the spring--a total blast.

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  13. Josh - that is awesome!

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  14. Big E

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    Wow. That last pic is a slob. Nice going. How many days did you fish? Smoked cobia is amazing if you have the ability to make it happen.

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  15. Josh K

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    Big-E we managed to get out 4 days out of 7. While only 1 day was a good cobia weather day we made the most them. I have not tried smoked cobia but I can and will
    make that happen, thanks!

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  16. Kevin7mmstw

    Kevin7mmstw Angler

    What the ....?!?! Darn nice fish there Josh. Still on my list of never caught. Gotta get me some of them cobia.
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  17. Josh K

    Josh K Angler

    3.5 hr drive away and tis the season.

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  18. This post got bumped to the top so I thought I'd throw in my winter trip pics.

    We took a spring break trip to Cancun for some much needed R&R. This was a family trip but I never go anywhere w/o my fly rod. I found there was a guide for the back lagoon, touting a shot at a grandslam. (Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit and Snook). As we talked I learned summer not spring is the time for the slam but he got my interest up and I booked a trip.
    The weather wasn't ideal, blowing 15-20 but I had the itch. We started in the Mangrove lagoons looking for baby Tarpon.
    We found some rolling and after many casts 1 unbuttoned take was all I had. So we changed gears. Sight casting to Snook. Pushing across 1-2' of water, we spooked a lot. But then we set our sight on one. A cast, into the wind, 50' away, 1 shot, no pressure. The cast was spot on. We saw the take and the explosion of water was heart pounding. Soon this guy would be my biggest Snook on the fly.

    If you're in Cancun I can't recommend enough. Light tackle and Fly.

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  19. John Peake

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