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Discussion in 'Chesapeake Bay' started by done workin, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. done workin

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    The trim seals ( Not Tilt, TRIM) starting leaking on my 1999 Johnson 150. The fluid was sort of seeping through the dust seal. Well turns out dust seals were GONE, so really just leaking through the o-ring.

    Did a lot of research on the internet, tried the grinder wrenches, tried making my own spanner wrenches. The grinder wrenches and home made versions sort of worked but the stainless screws I was using kept bending under the pressure. The other issue was that with a standard spanner wrench is that they only grip on two holes and they are long when working in the confined space of the tilt unit when it is still mounted on the boat.

    Stopped off at South Shore Marine and they showed me the one they used, a standard Snap-On brand model A176, but again long version, about $70.

    Came across a company called Marine Tech Tools that manufacturers their own compact 3 pin wrench that is designed to be used with a 1/2" breaker bar or ratchet, $67.00. They manufacture both the wrenches for trim cylinders and the tilt for most major models and are adding more to their product lineup. Their customer registration was weird so I ended up ordering from Amazon.

    This thing is AWESOME. Added a little heat to the top of the cylinder to help free it up and put it on a 1/2" breaker bar. The hardest part was keeping enough downward pressure on the wrench to keep it in the holes. I fixed this with a 1" piece of PVC slid over the trim rod and allowed the hydraulic pressure from the engine to force it down on top of the wrench. It stills allows it to turn. Once the cylinder cap is broke free, you can take the pvc off and finish the cap removal without it.

    If anybody needs to replace their tilt seals, the caps are the hardest part and these things make it super easy, well worth every penny and avoids the time and cost of a repair shop.


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  2. Drew S

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    Had a similar experience with my Yamaha four strokes - tried wrenches, cheap spanners and then coughed up the $67 to buy the marine tech tool on Amazon. What a breeze then! Works like a charm. And it was the same size as the holes on my steering cylinder seals which had also started leaking. So fixed them too. Now pressing the damn steering cylinder support arms off the motor bracket, that was a pain in the ass even with a puller.

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