Random Sonar Shots - Please post your own

Discussion in 'Chesapeake Bay' started by Shawn Kimbro, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Roger T

    Roger T Angler

    I would definitely drop a jig.Neat shot !
  2. Jack frost

    Jack frost Angler

    How can i get puctures to upload from my phone? I tried the upload option but it didnt work.
  3. Jack frost

    Jack frost Angler

    Keep seeing this line, the fish are below, above and in it. Pic was taken monday. Thanks for any insight new to a top quality unit. Thanks

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  4. BayView

    BayView Angler

    With my Lowrance side scan, I found what looks like a sunken small row boat in the Great Wicomico river.

    shot 002.jpg
  5. iFishMD

    iFishMD Angler

    Trophy , wicked stripas, rockfish off TPL last weekend. (wide cone 50kHz with a top 30' zoom on the left)
  6. 240 LTS

    240 LTS Angler

    You may already know this but when you see images you are curious about, touch the screen on the, "Boat", and zoom in a bit to check it out.
    Too far in and the detail is lost but I was surprised how much I could see on the barge I found in the image I posted above.
    Just a suggestion.
  7. BayView

    BayView Angler

    Great tip on the zoom feature. I may have read about it, but forgot it. This is a good example of the benefit of this forum!!!
  8. Michel Mardi

    Michel Mardi Angler

    I like them all man, great ones
  9. 240 LTS

    240 LTS Angler

    Forgot I had a bit of video of the barge.

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  10. Rocks & Rye

    Rocks & Rye Angler

  11. 240 LTS

    240 LTS Angler

    R+R that looks like an invasion!
    Great shot.

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  12. Peltz

    Peltz TechFish Staff Staff Member

    I am surprized that the sounder didn't read bottom at 12 feet with that Rocks & Rye picture. Talk about a false bottom...
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  13. boondoggle

    boondoggle Contributing Angler Supporting TechFish!


    It would go from this to three feet when they pushed the bait up

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  14. iFishMD

    iFishMD Angler

    Schoolies 05/07. Fish mostly low to mid 20's but the occasional fish over 30". Great returns with excellent target separation. Who need the recreational grade "CHIRP" when you can have Furuno DSP (digital signal processing)....
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  15. IMG_4139.JPG

    One of the many reasons they close the upper bay rivers. This was in the Sassafras this spring. Big school just hanging in a deep hole waiting for the Barry White to start playing...
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  16. Legacy

    Legacy Angler

    Sunken sub in Pax River

  17. Jonesy20

    Jonesy20 Contributing Angler Supporting TechFish!

  18. Legacy

    Legacy Angler

    Yes, that is the actual depth. Sub is located a short distance up river from Point Patience almost directly east of Thomas Point.
  19. Chris C

    Chris C Angler

    Good marks !!

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  20. Chris C

    Chris C Angler

    Last weekend off Breezy

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