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Discussion in 'Chesapeake Bay' started by TechnicalFisher, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. TechnicalFisher

    TechnicalFisher TechFish Staff Staff Member

    As we get the new (old) Technical Fisherman off the ground, we'd love to hear from our members about ways that you think the site could improve. If there are any features you'd like to see, things you'd like us to focus on or other ways we can improve your experience, please let us know. You can either post them here or direct message @technicalfisher or @Peltz.

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  2. Frank Bonanno

    Frank Bonanno Contributing Angler Supporting TechFish!


    I always enjoy the site, especially when people are posting.

    I think sticky posts on threads that consistently pop up would be helpful. Such as Depth finder usage or gear types.

    Also, an area to discuss trips taken. So if I travel to SC I can post the report, and look for others who travel to the place I want to go. If you have the ability to make it search able by locale it would be awesome.
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  3. TechnicalFisher

    TechnicalFisher TechFish Staff Staff Member

    Thanks, @Frank Bonanno for the input, these are good ideas. We are in the process of re-working our forum nodes and will look into ways to incorporate a searchable travel forum. I've also just made the "commonly used apps/sites" thread that has been developing over the last few days a sticky. If there are any particular threads you have in mind for stickies let us know and we can move them up.
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  4. Frank Bonanno

    Frank Bonanno Contributing Angler Supporting TechFish!

    The Classic

    Hopefully we can keep this going to see other types of dept finder shots.
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  5. done workin

    done workin Angler

    IT is the furthest thing from any area of expertise I have, this may be a dumb request. Is there any way to simplify video posting the same way you have done with with pictures?

    The ability to post videos without an outside source like Youtube would be a huge plus.

  6. TechnicalFisher

    TechnicalFisher TechFish Staff Staff Member

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  7. TechnicalFisher

    TechnicalFisher TechFish Staff Staff Member

    Chris- I'll give this another look. Last time I looked into it the issue was server space. Hosting video eats up a lot of space and can quickly bog down a site. But maybe there's been some progress since I last checked. I'll keep you posted.
  8. BayView

    BayView Angler

    I like the site. Hopefully more VA Chesapeake and lower Potomac anglers will post reports and info over time. There have been lots of informative posts that have helped me and given me new ideas to try. Probably do not need the Pro-Subscribers Announcement thread because it hasn't been used since sometime in 2014.
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  9. TechnicalFisher

    TechnicalFisher TechFish Staff Staff Member

    Thanks, @BayView. Moved the forums around a bit to place the most-used ones (Chesapeake) right at the top.

    Very glad to have you on board and would love to expand our VA membership. Out of curiosity, do you think it's helpful separating the Chesapeke board into MD and VA or would you (and any other VA bay anglers) prefer to combine them into a single Chesapeake forum?
  10. BayView

    BayView Angler

    I am not sure why more VA Chesapeake anglers are not posting. Maybe a combined forum for the Chesapeake would be good until there are enough anglers participating to justify a division. The MD portion of the Chesapeake is significantly stronger right now. I'm not sure if I have any major preference but I see the logic in considering a single Chesapeake forum.
  11. TechnicalFisher

    TechnicalFisher TechFish Staff Staff Member

    Thanks @BayView - after giving it some thought, we've combined VA and MD into a single Chesapeake Bay forum. It seemed like it was a little lonely for you over there!

    We'd love to grow the VA angler presence over here so we hope you spread the word and thanks for your participation!
  12. Kevin7mmstw

    Kevin7mmstw Angler

    I mentioned this at the get together yesterday, try and get the guy posting on here again from Saltywater Tackle. His posts on the big game jigging and popping forum were absolutely outstanding. If nothing else, the pictures were awesome.
  13. Steve Fogle

    Steve Fogle TechFish Pro Supporting Hooked Up!

    All I can say it's good to have it back the way it use to be. I'm going to do my best to get the guys back on here.
  14. TechnicalFisher

    TechnicalFisher TechFish Staff Staff Member

    Great to have you back around @Steve Fogle! Looking forward to some of the great stuff we've got cooking;)!
  15. Roger T

    Roger T Angler

    I think most are using social media these days . Twitter, FB,Instagtam...etc.

    Personally I like this forum but partisapation is not like it use to be.
  16. Chrisss55

    Chrisss55 Angler

    IMO, the interface of this site is awesome. Feel very comfortable. I agree to what Roger T mentioned above. But I think forums are still great places to learn and share.
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  17. TechnicalFisher

    TechnicalFisher TechFish Staff Staff Member

    Thanks @Chrisss55, appreciate the response. We are going to be ramping up some stuff in the new year in order to encourage more active posting. In the meantime, for you and anyone else who enjoys the site, be sure to post and help keep things growing! Thanks again.
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