Fishing Report Good day last Thursday

Discussion in 'Chesapeake Bay' started by Jerry Norris, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Jerry Norris

    Jerry Norris Angler

    My brother in law and I went out last Thursday and had a good day. We got on site around 1600 and fished until about 1830. Had some good action with doubles and fish chasing hooked fish trying to take the lures away from them. Video if you are interested.

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  2. Jerry Norris

    Jerry Norris Angler

    Another video from yesterday. Breakers under working birds. Only had an hour to fish but it was worth the trip.

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  3. BigTim320

    BigTim320 Contributing Angler Supporting TechFish!

    Good going Jerry. Thanks for sharing the vids.

  4. Jerry Norris

    Jerry Norris Angler

    You're welcome.
  5. Peltz

    Peltz TechFish Staff Staff Member

    Is that the upper upper region?
  6. Jerry Norris

    Jerry Norris Angler

    Yes, above Pooles Island.
  7. Jerry Norris

    Jerry Norris Angler

    Back out again last Friday. Forecast said less than 10 but was closer to 20 on the water. Had a hard time finding fish but finally located some niece ones. I didn't have the camera on for the first two fish. One of which was 26 1/2" and the biggest one of the day.


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