Fishing Report First Entry - 5/3/17 - 47" Red Drum

Discussion in 'Summer Slam - Kayak Division Entries' started by RavensDfense, May 4, 2017.

  1. RavensDfense

    RavensDfense Angler

    When saw a very, very small weather window yesterday afternoon as the wind was switching directions I looked at the tide, looked over my notes, back at the weather forecast one last time and mustered up the courage to head somewhat south to the ESVA in the kayak. It paid off in a big way, as I landed three reds; lost six :mad: (one snapped off and the other few bent the hooks). The biggest was the first one. It was 47". I needed to submit it in video format because I could not snap a decent enough picture fast enough. I wanted to return the fish to the water as quickly as possible and after several failed picture attempts with the pilers/fish grips sliding all over the place, I just took a video with them in her mouth. I also could not use a yard stick because she completely covered it up. For other tournaments I fashioned a wide PVC measuring board with a certified measuring tape affixed to it. I ran it past the competition committee prior to entering this fish and received the here it is! I am pumped to start the tourney off with a fatty!

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  2. TechnicalFisher

    TechnicalFisher TechFish Staff Staff Member

    Now THAT is the way to start off a derby!!! Great catch, congrats and first one's on the board!!
  3. Reelaxin

    Reelaxin Angler

    Nice Doug, that's a beast!
  4. RavensDfense

    RavensDfense Angler

    Thanks, Shane. It was a good day for sure.
  5. Peltz

    Peltz TechFish Staff Staff Member

    Helluva way to kick off the slam.
  6. RavensDfense

    RavensDfense Angler

    Thank you, sir.

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