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Discussion in 'Chesapeake Bay' started by Patrick Keating, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. Got to run out for a quick evening trip on Wednesday with my buddies Doug and Jason. After much discussion as to where we should go, we headed out to try somewhere different, away from the crowds. We found fish very quickly and caught on every drift. A number of fish were around the 30 inch mark, some bigger perhaps, but mostly I do not measure.

    Looking on the monitor, you would have thought we should catch on every drop. There were a lot of fish but they were finicky. Fortunately, we are equipped with amble doses of perseverance. We kept at it and caught well over 60 fish

    Techfish(1).jpg Techfish(2).jpg

    When I pulled into my house after fishing Wednesday evening, two of my children were standing around with a bunch of their friends. They were all due to graduate high school on Thursday but Thursday morning was open so we made a plan to go fishing. One of my graduates fishes with me all the time but the other, well, no so much. So when he said he was fishing I was thrilled.

    We got out fairly early but the fish had moved. Took a little while but soon enough we were picking away at them again. Same situation where they were tough to catch - most fish were caught up in the column even though the marks were down low.

    I can't tell you how much I enjoyed having these two rascals fishing with me on their graduation day. It really was a day to remember.


    Techfish(3).jpg Techfish(4).jpg Techfish(5).jpg
  2. Curtis Hall

    Curtis Hall Angler

    Nice Pat. Haven't been in 3 weeks. Going tomorrow am. Congrats on the graduation. Nice parenting milestones

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  3. BigTim320

    BigTim320 Angler

    Way to put your boys on some quality fish Pat. Good stuff!

  4. Peltz

    Peltz TechFish Staff Staff Member

    Good report. Thanks
  5. Josh K

    Josh K Angler

  6. TimmyC

    TimmyC Angler

    Great fish! and Great boat! Is that a wooden skiff? did you build it?
  7. Thanks Timmy! A friend of mine built the hull and I built out the interior (well, actually, my friend Doug did)

  8. Sean Hickey

    Sean Hickey Angler

    Did I see you crossing out mouth of Chester last night?
  9. You did - I was not able to get much going last night.

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  10. Sean Hickey

    Sean Hickey Angler

    I couldn't do much on the jig last night. Topwater bite on structure at dusk was not bad, though.

    Pretty boat, by the way.

  11. Thanks Sean - kind of been hit or miss for me lately - hits have been very good but the misses have been frustrating because the fish are there but won't bite - I think I will go up River next time to scout

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  12. Sean Hickey

    Sean Hickey Angler

    Will do. THX
  13. Big E

    Big E Angler

    Pat, you've had some nice catching posts recently. Way to keep at it. Looks like overall the season has been good to you. Way to go! Let's catch up soon!

  14. Evans - pick a windless weekday afternoon and we will go!

    Looking forward to it


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