19.5" Speckled Trout

Discussion in 'Summer Slam - Kayak Division Entries' started by Cds49, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. Cds49

    Cds49 Angler

    Woke up early to get the morning topwater bite and only managed undersized rockfish. Ended up catching this beauty later in the morning with bright sun and low tide...go figure!

    6-14-17 Speck.jpg
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  2. Peltz

    Peltz TechFish Staff Staff Member

    Nice trout. Did it hit a topwater?
  3. Cds49

    Cds49 Angler

    Thanks! Hit a soft plastic while slow-trolling in some grass.
  4. TechnicalFisher

    TechnicalFisher TechFish Staff Staff Member

    Great speck- congrats!

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